“It has been my pleasure to be a friend and student of Michelle’s.  I really appreciate her willingness to share her own story, particularly her own challenges, with her students–I felt like her example made it okay for my parenting to be a work-in-progress, too, and that I had to give myself a break and keep trying my best, knowing I would never be perfect.  What I like most about Michelle, though, is that she is able to have conversations around nonviolent communication in a variety of settings. In addition to supporting me as a parent, Michelle supports me as a community member and community college instructor as I try to find ways to communicate more compassionately and effectively with my colleagues, students, and other educators.  She is able to use her wise parenting lens as well as her own experience as a physician to show how this kind of communicating can be helpful in almost any personal or professional setting.  Thank you, Michelle, for your ongoing support and encouragement!

-Jessica Krug
Parent / 16-year Teacher / Educational Consultant