Centered Parenting

Centered parenting offers individuals support in learning effective methods of communication in order to foster healthy development, connection and mutual respect. The concept of unconditional positive regard, accepting and supporting a person regardless of what they have said or done, is central to this practice.

As parents strive to hold this unconditional positive regard for their children, they are encouraged to simultaneously develop it for themselves. Parenting is as challenging as it is rewarding. It can be messy and all parents get derailed at times. Centered parenting reframes challenging situations as opportunities for growth. Moving away from judgmental thoughts and towards reflective observation parents are better able to support themselves and their children. As parents gain self-acceptance for their own unique paths, the goal becomes not to parent perfectly but to learn how to return to center and parent mindfully.

Centered Parenting classes are currently offered in the Southbay of Los Angeles. In the future I hope to offer online classes to support parents living in other locations.

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Centered Parenting: An Introduction

No classes scheduled currently

The number of books, blogs and courses on parenting can be overwhelming. How do you decide what type of support, if any, you might want?

In this workshop we will explore the premises underlying some of the common parenting theories. An introduction to the research on interpersonal biology and human development will be provided to better understand how we can support healthy development.

Participants will be introduced to Centered Parenting, which offers support in learning effective methods of communication in order to foster healthy development, connection and mutual respect. Tools and strategies will be provided to address challenging behaviors with compassion.



Centered Parenting: What? Why? How?

Thursdays, September 21, 28 and October 5, 12, 19 and 26 – 7pm to 9pm

In this six-week long series Michelle blends the Echo Parenting and Education curriculum with her focus on helping parents work towards self-acceptance as they strive to parent with empathy and unconditional positive regard for their children and themselves.

This interactive workshop includes the following material:

• Supporting participants to establish and remain focused on long-term goals

• Understanding how our own histories inform our parenting

• Understanding anger and tools for self-regulation

• Setting limits with compassion and emotional coaching

• Developing a practice of self-compassion and self-acceptance

• Non-Violent (Compassionate) Communication (NVC) and the application of the tools of NVC to the parenting relationship

• Interpersonal Neurobiology, using an interdisciplinary approach to better understand our experiences

• Theory of Mindset and support for fostering a growth mindset for both the parent and child

• Positive Psychology and the science of well-being


Eventbrite - Centered Parenting: What? Why? How? - Fall 2017


Centered Parenting: 360˚ of Compassion – Supporting Yourself While Parenting Compassionately

A FREE evening of parenting support on Monday, September 11th, from 6-8 pm at The LOFT in El Segundo. The workshop will help parents clarify their intentions, discuss challenges and explore tools for support.

The class will be held at The LOFT in El Segundo, a new educational enrichment facility dedicated to cultivating curiosity while delivering academic fundamentals and support. There will be a G-rated movie playing for children in a separate room. If you have children that are old enough to  watch the movie while you are in a separate room participating in the workshop, please feel free to bring them.


Eventbrite - 360˚ of Compassion Workshop: Supporting Yourself While Parenting Compassionately



Centered Parenting: The Next Steps – Diving Deeper: a Six-Week Course


The Next Steps Workshops are designed to provide further support and tools to parents practicing empathy led parenting. Roadblocks and challenges individuals face when trying to parent in a manner that may be radically different than how they were raised are explored. The topic of acceptance for the self and child is discussed in depth.

NextSteps_LogoCome join me for another Next Steps Workshop*. We will explore more tools and excercises as we discuss roadblocks parents encounter while navigating a paradigm that may be drastically different than how they were raised. It can be so easy to use threats, shaming and rewards in attempts to gain immediate compliance when we are faced with challenging behaviors.

This workshop will offer support and tools to help parents remain focused on the long-term goals of connection and relationship with their children. We will explore the importance of self-care, acceptance, working past limiting beliefs and holding unconditional positive regard for oneself and in turn for others. There will be a variety of activities to help parents find techniques that suit them and their families individually.

* This workshop is intended for parents that have completed a 6-10 week course in Nonviolent Parenting as developed by Echo Parenting and Education. Please contact Michelle directly if you are interested but have not taken the 6-10 week Echo course.



Centered Parenting: Centered Couple

No classes currently scheduled

The Centered Couple Workshops support couples in developing effective methods of communication. It can be difficult to maintain a satisfying connection as partners with the demands of parenting. Couples will explore ways in which they can better support themselves, their partners and their partnership. Tools and practices that foster deep listening and meaningful connection will be introduced.

Centered parenting classes are currently offered in the Southbay of Los Angeles.