“Michelle is a phenomenal teacher and guide through this adventure called parenting. She is deeply experienced, practical, insightful and above all, patient! Parenting is chaotic and she lends her calm point of view so that you can hear the lesson or guidance.  'Centered Parenting' is an approach that will not only impact your parenting and your family, it will impact your whole life and way of being in the world.”

    -Stephanie White


    "Michelle is a gem.  One of the things that I love is that she connects with both ends of the spectrum- those who are just learning about democratic/peaceful/unconditional parenting and nonviolent communication, as well as those who are far more seasoned and experienced with these philosophies.  I could take the same class a hundred times and continue to get more.  She is authentic, inspirational, open, brilliant, funny, approachable, and so much more.  If you are looking to connect with your children on a deeper level and to support their psychological/social development, I can't recommend her highly enough.  But there is a bonus...all that you learn from Michelle can be applied more broadly to your relationship with your spouse/partner, to your relationships with friends/family, and, importantly, to the relationship that you have with yourself."

    -Danielle Pollack


    “Before I had kids I wrote TV Promos for the show "Super Nanny". After saving all the show episodes and reading a couple of "child rearing" books, I thought I was good to go! Then my first child was born and boy did I need help. "What would the 'Super Nanny' do", just wasn't cutting it and I knew I needed something more, something authentic. Fast forward to finding a wonderful child led preschool and attending Michelle's Echo Parenting class, and I've come full circle, or at least a semi-circle.

    Michelle is a wonderful and nurturing teacher. I learned so much about how to raise children with love, respect and understanding. Her class helped me take a giant leap forward towards the type of close, loving relationship I want with my children now and in the future. I do have my setbacks each  day, but I feel like I have a set of tools I can fall back on to get me through the hard knocks of parenting.

    I strongly recommend Michelle as a parenting coach and teacher! She's one of the best!”

    - Laura La Rosa


    “Michelle's ability to take large volumes of what can be conflicting and confusing information on parenting, and distill her message into easily digested pieces of information is a true gift. Her clarity has brought me to a new level of personhood and parenting.”

    -Lindsey Buttles


    "Michelle has so much to offer parents looking  for support and guidance.  A trained Echo parent educator, and the mother of three children, Michelle shares her personal parenting journey without editing the messiness that all of us who are trying to be the best parents we can be are bound to encounter.  Michelle  teaches us that the road to compassion and empathy for our children begins with empathy and compassion for ourselves. I am so pleased to be able to add Michelle Charfan to the list of resources available to all of us trying to make sense of the often confusing role of parent."

    Laura Dotson M.A LMFT
    Psychological Consultant, Manhattan Beach Nursery School

    “I was privileged to be a student in one of Michelle's ECHO courses and also attended her Next Steps Workshop. Michelle speaks from the heart and has had an immense impact on my parenting. Having attended quite a few parenting workshops in the past, I really appreciate Michelle's ability to keep things "in solution". The work always felt productive and very aspirational. She kept groups on track which can be tricky with parents that really just want to be heard above all else! The piece that stayed throughout and truly inspires me to this day is that Michelle's teaching is grounded in her personal journey and isn't prescriptive. Her authenticity is palpable and for me, this authenticity is really what we seek in our interactions with our kids.”

    -MJ Schoenberger
    Mom to Jack (8) and AJ(6)


    "It has been my pleasure to be a friend and student of Michelle's.  I really appreciate her willingness to share her own story, particularly her own challenges, with her students--I felt like her example made it okay for my parenting to be a work-in-progress, too, and that I had to give myself a break and keep trying my best, knowing I would never be perfect.  What I like most about Michelle, though, is that she is able to have conversations around nonviolent communication in a variety of settings. In addition to supporting me as a parent, Michelle supports me as a community member and community college instructor as I try to find ways to communicate more compassionately and effectively with my colleagues, students, and other educators.  She is able to use her wise parenting lens as well as her own experience as a physician to show how this kind of communicating can be helpful in almost any personal or professional setting.  Thank you, Michelle, for your ongoing support and encouragement!

    -Jessica Krug
    Parent / 16-year Teacher / Educational Consultant


    “As a human being, not just a parent, I appreciate Dr. Michelle Charfen. Her teaching is rich with reflection, fresh insight and tools that support integration of current knowledge unfolding about human development. Michelle's view of life as a journey is sustained by her discipline to integrate resources that support her intentions. Participants in her classes benefit from all that she is learning. As a facilitator/teacher, Michelle models the fundamental creative potential for conscious human evolution.”

    - Candace Peterson, LMFT
    Certified Nonviolent Parenting Educator, Echo Parenting & Education

    "In the whole rat race of parenthood and life, Michelle's classes really taught me the importance of slowing down and being mindful with my children. I never realized the connection between my own self care as a parent and my ability to connect with my children. I realized the more compassionate I was to myself and the little girl within, the easier it was to be that way with my children. I thought being a good parent was a soul sucking job and I realize now it is the opposite. The more I feed my own soul, the more I have to give away. Michelle Charfen's classes taught me the tools I was searching for to stay centered within the chaotic moments of parenthood."

    -Clare Bonn
    Certified Echo Parent Educator / Mom to Ella (7) Liam (5) and Grady (5mo)


    "After years of unlearning what I thought was the “right” way to parent after a particularly dysfunctional childhood, I joined Michelle Charfen’s Echo Parenting Class Series in an effort to hone my skills. And I’m SO grateful I did! Michelle is one of those people that has “it.” She’s confident in her knowledge and understands how to best convey it to her students. She comes from the heart with a deep desire for her students to grasp the concepts in their own individual ways, therefore improving our world one family at a time. Michelle is unique in that she is willing to share her lows as a parent, in an unexpectedly raw manner, leveling the playing field and leaving me feeling “normal” for those times when I’ve lost my shit as parent. That helped me find forgiveness for myself and begin to be really take care of my needs, which is so very important because loving yourself is the only way to truly understand how to love another. I understand myself more as a parent and even a partner to my husband, how to self-soothe and regroup when my amygdala is flooded, and ultimately reconnect after the storm. I consider these invaluable tools for all relationships."

    -Lori Scharler


    "As an elementary school teacher who believes in connection, empathy, and the whole child, I am always seeking out resources who can support my growth as a person and an educator.  Each child is unique, so I don't believe in subscribing to just one way of being with children. That is one of many reasons I love Michelle Charfen!  She is centered in her approach, she is honest, real, and doesn't own a soapbox. I appreciate Michelle's whole family/classroom approach.  She is not afraid to set limits or admit that adults have needs and tantrums too! Michelle is one of those rare gems who practices what they preach and not just with children, adults too!"

    - Michelle Goldbach-Johnson

    "I am incredibly grateful to have been able to share these early child rearing years with Michelle.  I have leaned on Michelle for support, guidance, education, and friendship.  Michelle has forged an incredible understanding of how to foster loving, connected relationships by using compassionate, non-violent communication while also always keeping a positive regard for oneself. Mostly, she is a great friend and role model for all of us parents trying to make our way down this beautiful uncharted path."

    -David King
    Father to Mairin (6) and Mara (4)


    “My husband and I took Michelle's class and it was a wonderful experience.  She created a space where we felt comfortable connecting, sharing and learning with other parents.  We learned about child development and methods for working through some of the tough things that can come up during certain stages. She allowed us to be the imperfect humans we are and, by guiding us in processing some of our own childhood experiences, she showed us how these imperfections might make us more loving, caring and conscientious parents.”

    -Tanya Goldman
    Parent and Teacher

    “I was fortunate to take Michele Charfen's Non-Violent Communication class last year. Her knowledge, insights, genuine interest in the topic and in her students, as well as her sense of humor, made the course both instructive and fun. She established a safe environment in which all of the students could feel respected, supported and heard, where we could bond with one another and be honest in our interactions. The experience allowed me personal growth and many, many insights into how to communicate with both children and adults in kinder, more direct and effective ways.”

    -Kathy Goldman
    Parent and Teacher

    " This course was an enlightening tool that addressed communication and compassion. These tools helped bring more empathy and understanding to my relationships. It has helped direct me in where I want to go as conscious and centered parent."

    -Tricia Carnival


    "Michelle presented the information in a very clear and engaging way while allowing the group to have fun with the process. The information is so valuable for all relationships.  I would recommend her class to any family looking to better understand compassionate communication philosophies."

    -Julie Goiset LMT