“After years of unlearning what I thought was the “right” way to parent after a particularly dysfunctional childhood, I joined Michelle Charfen’s Echo Parenting Class Series in an effort to hone my skills. And I’m SO grateful I did! Michelle is one of those people that has “it.” She’s confident in her knowledge and understands how to best convey it to her students. She comes from the heart with a deep desire for her students to grasp the concepts in their own individual ways, therefore improving our world one family at a time. Michelle is unique in that she is willing to share her lows as a parent, in an unexpectedly raw manner, leveling the playing field and leaving me feeling “normal” for those times when I’ve lost my shit as parent. That helped me find forgiveness for myself and begin to be really take care of my needs, which is so very important because loving yourself is the only way to truly understand how to love another. I understand myself more as a parent and even a partner to my husband, how to self-soothe and regroup when my amygdala is flooded, and ultimately reconnect after the storm. I consider these invaluable tools for all relationships.”

-Lori Scharler